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How to Persevere No Matter What

Greetings! One day I was sitting down and really asking myself what I carry that others really need. One of the things that came up is the fact that most people run out of the perseverance needed to see their vision or Kingdom Assignment through to the point of full manifestation. Knowing how to keep…

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How to Understand Which Products You Were Born to Create

Greetings! No matter what type of business or ministry you are building, you can increase and expand your reach through the power of creating what I call ‘wisdom’ products. Wisdom products are products that capture your know-how, expertise, wisdom, insights and revelation. While it is easier than ever before to create products, it can still…

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How to be Free from People so You Can Lead Them Effectively

Greetings! Wounded leaders wound their followers. We have all experienced the pain and agony of being led by an insecure and wounded leader. Yet, effective leadership is required to grow your ministry and making sure nothing stands in the way of you loving people. Your leadership ability is measured by how well you love people.…

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Master New Ways to Stay Inspired and Focused

Greetings! Ministry can be the most demanding job of all! You have to find ways to remain inspired as you build so you can continue to lead others to grow and expand. I have mastered some ways that keep me inspired, tapped into God and focused forward even in the toughest of times. After all,…

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