Welcome to the premiere training and development organization for Itinerant Ministers. We Guide, Equip, Support and Mobilize You To A Build Thriving Ministry.

We are Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets and Apostles called to build ministries that change communities, cities, regions, nations and the world. We are Kingdom Ministers.

Our passion is to work beyond the church and denominations to bring the Kingdom message of the Lord to the Body of Christ. You won't find us behind the same pulpit every Sunday. You will find us traveling to minister at Christian conferences, at live and virtual events, at guest preaching appearances in addition to building ministries that transform lives.

KMA guides and supports you in:

  • Being a part of a close-knit, well-trained, thriving community of committed Kingdom Ministers who celebrate each other’s gifts and callings.
  • Accessing new heights of supernatural revelation directly from the Kingdom of Heaven so you can bring new and fresh insights, teachings and revelation that open up the mysteries and secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven to your ministry followers.
  • Creating multiple streams of ministry income that allow you to move out of the world’s economic system into the Lord’s system of Kingdom provision.
  • Training on how to obtain additional resources to help you build a sustainable and thriving ministry.
  • Accountability with an organization of oversight, spiritual support and backing.

The Kingdom Minister’s Association (KMA), a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, was founded in 2008 as a training, equipping, oversight and support organization for Kingdom ministers and is evolving into a full-service training, equipping and ministry development organization.

If you are ready for advanced training and support that helps you grow your ministry and do the work of Jesus upon the earth, then the KMA is for you.