We have an exceptional group of people called to lead and guide the organization to it full fruition. Meet our growing team…

The Executive Team

Ericka D. James

Ericka D. James, The Founder of KMA, is called to restore the Children of God to their "factory settings" so they become the fullness of who God created them to be an build the ministries of their God-given dreams. She is a seasoned Apostle and Prophet. She brings more than 28 years of training, development and transformation expert to KMA.

Shonna Ronelle

Shonna specializes in a three step transformational process which utilizes prayer COUNSELING, spiritual CLEANSING, and transition focused convergence COACHING. Her specialty is women in transition, from young women leaving home to settle into college, career or marriage, to women in their middle years entering the transition of an empty nest.

The Board of Directors

Joel Wiggins, KMA Board Member

Joel is a King-Maker for Jesus. He brings more than 20 years as a highly successful businessman and trainer who focuses on the unique problems facing men in the Body of Christ.

Shanshera Quinn, KMA Board Member

Shanshera brings more than 21 years of counseling experience as the Supervisor of Guidance Services in Hillsborough County, FL and eight years a business owner.

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