The Kingdom Ministers

The Lord has selected an extraordinary group of women and men to be a part of KMA. They are highly trained and committed to building their ministries with a pure heart and cleansed spirit.

Meet our Ministers…

Pamela Brinkley +

pamelabrinkley_164x206pxPamela Brinkley is the founder of Kingdom Insight Coaching and the CEO of the Sure Word Media Group, LLC. She is an anointed apostolic prophetic counselor, certified spiritual cleansing specialist and ministry and business coach.  She is uniquely skilled to help you uncover those stubborn areas that have kept you from moving forward in God's divine plan for your life. With the heart of a servant and worshipper,  she well knows that the Holy Spirit will reveal the whole counsel of God for His people.  It is to this end that she feels expressly called to reach those needing love, hope, deliverance and restoration. As a passionate teacher, she is gifted to expound the Word with clarity and purpose; igniting the hearts and minds of God’s people with a burning desire to live freely in the Kingdom.  Given the unique ability to “make it plain” through effective and sometimes humorous dramatization, her ministry extends to men and women in need of balanced prophetic counsel, emotional and physical healing.  She is an ordained minister with Kingdom Ministers Association of Raleigh, North Carolina, under the direction Apostle Ericka James and serves as the International Executive Director of the Fellowship of Christ Mission Teams serving other nations.

Beverly Burns-Clay +

beverlyburnsclay_167x209pxBeverly Burns Clay is Founder & CEO of Wells of Life Ministries and Coaching, L.L.C. Through Wells of Life she offers coaching sessions to assist individuals in life issues, business endeavors, and spiritual growth and development. Beverly is a licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel. She is certified to conduct PWN women empowerment seminars and received her Christian Life Coaching Certification through AACC and The Convergence Center. Recently Beverly became a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker through the John Maxwell Group where she specializes in Leadership Training and Youth Empowerment Sessions.

Some Seminars and topics offered include:

  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  • Fulfilling my Call and Purpose
  • A Woman’s Spiritual Journey to Wellness
  • Stress Management in the Workplace
  • Reaching Our Youth Today
  • Customer Service & Professionalism
  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • Making a Statement: Branding & Imaging Concepts
  • The Romance Factor (Marriage Seminar)
  • Being Satisfied With Yourself
  • Single and Saved

Beverly holds an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies from the Andersonville School of Theology in Camilla, GA. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Sacred Studies with an emphasis on Spiritual Leadership Christian Life School of Theology in Columbus, GA. She is the Chancellor and Founder of Empowerment Leadership Training Center. ELT is a branch of CLST.

Beverly is President of Virtual Work Solutions, a company that offers opportunities for individuals to work for home. This opportunity affords individuals, and others to work from home while earning income to care for their families.

She is a Managing Associate with Soul Purpose. Through this Direct Sales Company, Beverly has assisted in developing and training future entrepreneurs and leaders. She participates in various venues that afford her the opportunity to educate women on pampering and self-care skills.

Beverly has co-authored two books, “Overcoming Heartache and Loss” and “Living Your Vision and Purpose” through the Professional Women Network Publishing Company. A writer for the Sunday School Publishing Board Youth Department. She has written lessons for the Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, Baptist Polity and BTU Training Manuals. Her current project consists of the Spiritual

Elements Essential for Discipleship series. Mrs. Clay has conducted seminars and workshops over that past twelve years which include Marriage and Singles Seminars and Women Conferences.

Shonna Ronelle +

img_8145-1Shonna Ronelle's story began in perfectionism and bondage to religion. The lie of the Adversary that she has had to overcome is the belief that she was not worthy of love and belonging unless she was perfect. For decades she lived in fear of having her imperfections exposed, which she was sure would cost abandonment by community. Her personal transition has been from intense anxiety into deep, rich, unshakeable peace.

Shonna made a willful, rebellious choice to marry against a clear word from God to "walk away." During agonizing years of toxic consequences she met the God of Intimate Pursuit and Patient Grace. While living in fear and unbelief God put a call on Shonna's life to learn to walk in faith and intimacy. He also gave her Isaiah 32:17 as her life verse: "And the work of righteousness shall be peace; And the effect of "righteousness quietness and confident assurance forever."

In 2012 Shonna said "yes" to God's invitation on a journey which eventually cost her everything that was familiar: the state of her birth, her family system, her close friends, the religion of her upbringing, and most of her earthly possessions. This path gained her the deepest desires of her heart: peace, joy, and freedom. Best of all, this path moved her into a very personal and intimate relationship with the Trinity.

Shonna specializes in prayer counseling, spiritual cleansing and transition focused coaching. As directed by the Holy Spirit, she mixes aspects of Genesis Process, Straight 2 the Heart Prayer, Chaplaincy, Spiritual Cleansing, Convergence Coaching and Alignment work related to the seven Redemptive Gifts.

Her niche is millennial women in transition. Her wisdom and skill in coaching others has come from the personal experience of her own transitions. Like many young people today she moved often between her parents home, college, summer camp and abroad. She has weathered transitions from college to career to stay-at-home mom. She had a season as a homeschooling mom and a season as room mother at school.

Shonna also had to weather transitions when life hasn't turned out with "happy-ever-after." This began with secondary infertility destroying her desire for a large family. Next, Shonna had a series of accidents that created a season of chronic pain. And the most unwanted transition of them all, the death of the dream of milestone wedding anniversaries and "til death do us part." She is well versed in handling transitions with courage, grace, and gratitude. With a spirit of wisdom, discernment and an overcomer's anointing, she can empower you to do the same. She is often described in two words: wise encourager. The young women she disciples frequently call her Momma Shonna.

One of Shonna's new dreams is to position young women in loving intimacy with God BEFORE they say "I do" in order to save them the years of pain her rebellion cost her. Shonna's prayer is that her ceiling becomes the launch pad for millennial women with a call to the nations of the world.

Debra Exum +

I am Kingdom Minister, Debra Exum. I count it an honor to coach you into a life of JOY and FREEDOM. Besides being coached by Apostle Ericka James in the areas of heart cleansing and deliverance, I have also studied with the Wagner Leadership Institute in the area of advanced prayer warfare. I am an ordained minister and evangelist. My giftings are Godly wisdom, knowledge of God's word, compassion, intercession, discernment of spirits, creative miracles and more. I have been through many storms in my life which helps me to have the compassion and wisdom that it takes to help someone come through their life storms successfully with courage and staying power. There is much HOPE for you! God is waiting for you to come to HIM. JESUS is waiting with HIS arms wide open to embrace you into HIS LOVE which brings NEW LIFE.

Josephine Manuel +

josephinemanual_168x199pxIf you have ever been bound by your past with unresolved issues of unforgiveness (known and unknown), and blaming everyone else for why you are the way you are and then you experience spiritual cleansing you can then begin to achieve beyond a temporary relief to life changing freedom. This is where my passion lies to see women walking in life changing freedom and uncovering the person you were created to be.

As a licensed and trained nurse clinician, for the last 25 years, I have seen all types of illnesses, injuries and devastation. However, nothing is more devastating that needing healing for your soul. Although I had suffered the ravages of divorce, brokenness and witchcraft, it was not until I began to experience freedom through spiritual cleansing. It is to this end that I find my passion, seeing women coming into the knowledge of who God created them to be – free, fearless and fruitful!

LaTonya Wallace +

latonyarussellLaTonya Wallace, is a business owner, entrepreneur, army civilian volunteer, and has served 15 years , as a volunteer with Faith Gospel Worship Service Ft. Gordon Georgia. LaTonya has been active with children/youth ministry, usher ministry, women's ministry, singles ministry, dance ministry, summer BIBLE railroad,  soldier family outreach and PWOC.  LaTonya wears many hats which include: BS in social work, drug & alcohol counselor, cleansing specialist, ordained minister, motivational speaker, and suicide prevention consultant.

LaTonya is an anointed, dynamic servant of God, a prayer intercessor in the art of prayer and spiritual warfare. She possesses the following gifts and talents:  writing poetry, drama and dance. LaTonya's teaching style is hard hitting, humorous, healing, and encouraging to the Body of Christ and professional environments.  She is highly respected as a leader in the Body of Christ.  The greatest gift LaTonya will bring to any congregation or client is her passion for ministry.

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