with Ericka D. Jackson
Evangelist, Author and Kingdom Trainer



 A special training  for those men and women called to emotional and/or physical healing and deliverance for the Body of Christ.    

We have postponed this training until further notice.

Marriott Courtyard North Raleigh/Triangle Town Center
Raleigh, NC

Jesus is raising up a new crop of ministers who truly believe and flow in His works upon the earth. Those who are willing to take off the masks of tradition and stand against the works of this world so the true believers of the Lord can usher the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth to become the Kingdom of God.

The Lord is looking for those called to Truth and whose hands He can use to be His body and cast darkness away from his beloved children. He is equipping and training up those who are heeding His call to be vessels so others may know the liberty and freedom they can receive through the power, dominion and authority of Jesus.

Are you one of them?

Then, this training is just for YOU!

Three years ago the Lord revealed the process to fully being a vessel for a complete four-step process to fully deliver and heal His people to Ericka. He instructed her to put together trainings for those called to take the work into the Body of Christ. This is the first comprehensive training in which Ericka fully reveals the entire method the Holy Spirit laid out to her. 
  • Do you have a heart for those in need of inner and physical healing?
  • Are you tired of seeing Christians live so far beneath all they are promised in the Word?
  • Do you long for the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to go along with your gifts of discernment and healing?

Then, this training is just for YOU!

If you have wondered why the people of God do not seem to be accessing and living the promises of scripture and are ready to learn why...

 If you are ready to experience  God in a whole new dimension…

 If you are ready to be a vessel to guide others to truly be free from all emotional pain…

 If you are ready to be a powerful vessel for physical healing in others…

 If you are ready to finally access the full reward of overcoming...

 Then you are ready for The Convergence Spiritual Cleansing MethodTM.

Who should attend?

Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists, Christian Leaders, Ministry Founders, Ministry Leaders, Teachers of the gospel, those with the gift of healing, those ready to better understand and appropriate the authority of Jesus upon the earth.

Based on the ground-breaking work of Ericka D. Jackson’s book, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life , this 100 % scriptural work guides you and all you work with  into position to inherit the Kingdom of God. This work was breathed forth from the Holy Spirit through Ericka and she is bringing it to you at this training.

You will leave this training with:

 A clear 4-step tested, proven and fail-proof process to walking people through full deliverance.

 Standing in your authority over all sickness and able to cast out infirmities in yourself and others.

 Being a pure vessel for the Lord to guide others into the freedom of the Lord.

 Full knowledge of how to operate in your heavenly position upon the earth.

 The clear step-by-step process of  purifying the hearts of the people of God..

 Understanding of how to recognize and demolish all 14  stronghold spirits and the thousands of unclean fruit they produce in Christians' lives.

 Operating in the full power in the name of Jesus to cast out the unclean in others.

 Activate the full ability to heal yourself and others that is contained within you.

 Full understanding in how to walk into the fullness of your calling.

 Be clear of all works of the flesh that have inhibited your ability to inherit the Kingdom of God and walk others through the same process.

 Understanding and appropriating the 7 Spirits of God and how to catalyze their clean fruits to manifest and grow in your life and the lives of those the Lord sends to you to be a vessel for their wholeness.

The Lord told me that there were many of His flock that needed to take this training and that I needed to provide a way for everyone who desires to participate to receive the training. He instructed me to live video stream the training so there are no geographic barriers to being able to get the valuable information that you need to move forward in your calling as a healer and vessel for deliverance.

This will give you a choice as to what works best for your lifestyle. There are two ways that you can participate in this ground-breaking training.

You can either attend the event live in Raleigh, NC. If you attend the event live, it includes on-demand access to the live event recording through July 31st, 2011.

- or -


You can save the additional travel and lodging expenses and join us via live video stream. This means that you can join us from the privacy of your own home for the weekend or as much as you can attend during the actual event. Or you can access the event on-demand for the rest of the month of July. (I KNOW...this is exciting!!!)


 You will be FULLY Certified!

You will become a fully certified Convergence Spiritual Cleansing MethodTM  Minister as a result of attending this training and completing the final certification exam that will be available online following the training.

Once you are certified, you will be able to:

  • Have ongoing support as you minister this process to others.
  • Create an additional revenue stream for your ministry.
  • Be a part of a network and team of trained ministers that Ericka can send out to train church and ministry leaders at retreats and conferences.
  • Have access to ongoing training and breakthroughs in The Convergence Spiritual Cleansing MethodTM.



This training has been postponed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We can be contacted at (91) 954-8005 if you have questions.

Courtyard by Marriott Triangle Town Center
3401 Sumner Boulevard
Raleigh, NC 27616

Single:   $  99.00    
Double:  $  99.00
King Suite:  $169.00 
Queen/Queen Suite    $159.00
King Whirlpool  $149.00

Reservations by attendees must be received on or before 12:00AM, October 7th.  Attendees will be responsible for making their own reservation by calling 1-800-marriott or calling the hotel direct at 919-645-0088.  
The room block is under "The Convergence Center."

About Ericka
Ericka D. Jackson's primary gift is having ears that continually hear from the throne of God. The Lord gave her the gift of speaking to share what she hears with The Body of Christ. She skillfully blends spiritual insights with practical knowledge that clears away anything in the way of knowing and acting on God’s path for your life. She has been moving in deliverance and healing for years and has witnessed the Lord deliver and heal many, many souls.

Her more than 20 years of experience in guiding people in living their greatest lives, her anointing as a speaker, and talent and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for her audiences. It is not just Ericka’s profound delivery, she is a catalyst for action and leaves her audiences transformed. Ms. Jackson shares her gifts, talent and expertise with ministries and conferences across the nation.

She is a natural innovator and has developed more than 20 tele-classes, workshops, and CD’s. She is the founder of the Kingdom Minister's Training Institute (www.kingdomministers.com ). She is the author of Self Coaching, When God Calls, The Fearless Living Challenge, The Power of Vision and Beyond Fearless. She flows in the five-fold ministry as an Evangelist.

Her anointing as a speaker, and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for those in her audience.Visit www.erickajackson.com for more information and to receive your free Top 50 Ways to Grow Your Ministry.


www.erickajackson.com. 7413 Six Forks Rd, Suite 110, Raleigh, NC 27615. (919) 954-8005. info@erickajackson.com. www.facebook.com/ErickaSpeaks